5 Sustainable Gift Brands: Green Gifts for Every Budget

In this blog we bring you the best of both worlds: joyful gifts and conscious choices! Meet our favorite gift brands that have a positive impact on both the recipient and the planet. Spread joy and sustainability with these eco-friendly gifts for every budget!

Conscious gifts from Kikkerland

Stainless Steel Straws | € 9.95

Stainless Steel Straws - Kikkerland

Help reduce plastic waste and give your drinks a stylish upgrade with these reusable stainless steel straws. Cheers to a greener world!

Shower timer | €5.95

Shower Timer - Kikkerland

This handy timer reminds you to save water and be mindful of your time. It's a small but effective step towards a more sustainable life!

Insect hotel | € 10.95 - 15.95

Insect houses Kikkerland
These colorful houses are a sustainable and indispensable addition to any garden. Give the important pest fighters a pleasant nesting place and promote biodiversity and the ecosystem!

Bamboo toothbrush set | € 5.95

Toothbrushes Bamboo - Kikkerland
This toothbrush set made of environmentally friendly bamboo wood is a fun gift for you and your partner, and a sustainable replacement for your plastic toothbrush!

Sustainable bunch of flowers from Bag To Nature | €3.25

Bag To Nature

With the sustainable grow bags from Bag To Nature you give an edible 'bunch of flowers' as a gift! Choose from a tasteful floral bouquet , basil , mint , chamomile , arugula or spicy peppers and surprise everyone with this eco-friendly little something!

Relax naturally with Zwitscherbox |  49.95 - 69.95

Swiss box

A sustainable Zwitscherbox bird house is the perfect gift for any nature lover who is ready for some extra relaxation. Choose from the original Zwitscherbox (right), even more sustainable Birdybox (left), triangular Lakeside box (middle) or brand new Oceanbox and bring nature into your home in an environmentally friendly way!

Animal-friendly alpacas from Inkari | € 27.95 - 59.95

Alpaca Stuffed Animals - Inkari

The sustainable brand Inkari is committed to people, animals and the environment, which makes these alpacas a great gift. The cuddly toys are made of 100% alpaca wool and are therefore super soft and super durable!

Recycled cuddly toys from Bon Ton Toys | € 14.95 - 139.95

Cuddly toys Bon Bon Toys

Looking for a cute and sustainable maternity gift? The adorable cuddly toys from Bon Ton Toys are made in an environmentally and people-friendly working environment, and filled with 100% recycled PET bottles. These eco-friendly cuddly toys are therefore the perfect gift for every child!