10 Loving Gifts for Valentine's Day

February 14 is Valentine's Day. And you guessed it, we are ready to help you find an original gift for your great love! From sappy and romantic gifts that will melt your partner's heart, to smart and hilarious gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on his, her or their face. You can find them all in this blog full of love!

1. Original Valentine's Day Card


A personal card is perhaps the nicest gift you can give someone. Fortunately, we have dozens of cards that radiate nothing but love (and genitals)! Choose a touching card full of hearts or go for a naughty and at the same time laughable message. Because whether you give a loving greeting card with ' I love you ' or thank someone in a funny way with a ' thanks for all the orgasms ' card, they will undoubtedly appeal to your partner!

2. Date Night scratch cards

These mysterious scratch cards are full of 52 fun date ideas, making them the perfect surprise for your partner and yourself! With different themes on the front of the card such as food and drink, travel, sports and music, you get a little sneak peak of the romantic activity that awaits you. Choose a theme that suits the occasion or draw a card at random for an extra spontaneous date. With these scratch cards you will undoubtedly surprise yourself and your partner with an original Valentine's Day gift!

3. Valentine's Day Gift set with Alpaca Stuffed Animal

Alpaca Valentine's Day Gift Set

Because everyone loves these silky soft alpaca cuddly toys, we are temporarily selling this adorable gift set for Valentine's Day! The set contains a super soft alpaca stuffed toy that is made in an environmentally friendly way from 100% alpaca wool, pink glasses, a pink hat, two random accessories and a nice Valentine's card! As icing on the cake, we carefully wrap your present with super cute Valentine alpaca wrapping paper, how nice! Be quick and surprise someone you love with this fantastic gift on Valentine's Day!

4. Porcelain cup with sweet illustration

Naked Couple Mug

This handmade mug has the cheerful illustration of a naked couple and is therefore a perfect gift for Valentine's Day! This cute cup is made of porcelain and, in addition to a nice drinking cup, also perfect as a plant pot, pen tray or cheerful decoration! This sweet gift with a wink will certainly put a smile on your partner's face.

Also available in other variants!

5. Boob Bean Bag

Beanbag Boob

Looking for a functional and fun Valentine's Day gift? Then this tit is probably what you are looking for! The beanbag is made of 100% natural material, has the pleasant scent of lavender and is irresistible for every lover of the female body! Does your partner get cold quickly or regularly suffer from stomach aches or muscle pain? Then we can't think of a better gift than this comfortable boobie!

6. Romantic card game

Candid In Love

The name says it all, this loving card game is all about candor. With more than 100 surprising and daring questions and assignments about love, you and your partner will get to know each other even better. This game full of love will undoubtedly make for a romantic evening full of hilarious moments and intimate conversations. Create a Valentine's Day to remember with Candid In Love.

7. Stylish vase with red lips

Vase Red Lips

Does your partner have a soft spot for colorful and funky interior items? Then we have the perfect Valentine's gift for you! This salmon-colored vase with bright red lips is a guaranteed eye-catcher in everyone's interior and exudes romance. Combine the vase with a beautiful bunch of flowers or red roses to really finish it off, and who knows, after giving this unique gift you will also have red lips ;-).

8. Personal Fill-in book full of love

Why I Love You Fill-in Book

This sweet fill-in book is perhaps the most personal gift you can give someone. Pages with cheerful, funny, emotional and profound questions and assignments, will each explain your love for the other. Say 'I love you' in the most special way by giving this completed book as a gift, or start filling the pages together on the day of love. In addition to being a romantic gift, this personalized book is a great keepsake that you'll still flip through together decades later.

9. Cute Rainbow Stuffed Animal

Palm Pals Rainbow Hug

These super cute Palm Pals are made of Minky fleece which makes them extra soft, super fluffy and extremely cuddly. In other words, an ideal and enviable Valentine's Day gift for your great love! In addition, the filling of this adorable rainbow is made of 100% recycled plastic, which makes this cheerful cuddly toy not only a sweet, but also a sustainable gift!

10. Funny mug with genitals

Funny Mug

Are all those loving presents a little too sweet for you? With the quirky and hilarious mugs from Eat Mielies you are guaranteed to make your Valentine laugh. With a choice of mugs with (hairy) penises, tits and vulvas, you will surely find one that suits you or your partner perfectly!

Happy Valentine's Day!