Skip your winter dip with these cheerful gift ideas!

While one is overjoyed by winter, the other can't wait for this dark and cold time to be over. Do you start nodding really hard at the last one? Then you've come to the right place! Because for all the people who would rather have hibernated for months – or actually do – we have put together a nice list of brightening gifts from our stores. With these 5 cheerful gift tips, you can skip your winter dip!

Tip 1: Bring some sunshine into your home

Nothing is as cheerful as this smiling lamp! Except you, as soon as you give this iconic yellow circle a cozy place in your home. Because a winter dip is in most cases caused by changes in the amount of light, a cozy lamp is an indispensable item during the dark winter months. This cheerful friend is happy to help you, after all, it is his job to cheer up spaces, people and life! With just one look at this brightening light, you are guaranteed to catch yourself having a wide smile. So say goodbye to your winter blues with this happy yellow dot!

Smiley Lamp - Mr. Mary

Tip 2: Keep inspiring & motivating yourself

With this cheerful set of 100 cards with positive tips, uplifting quotes and encouraging challenges you will find your way back to happiness. With, among other things, useful tricks to make your brain believe that you are happy, you will actually feel happier! Take a card from the deck when needed, and turn this tough period into a great opportunity to discover what makes you happy and moves you.

Be Happy Cards - Gift Republic

Be Happy Cards - Gift Republic

Tip 3: Cuddle up!

Especially if you're going through it for a while, a buddy by your side is indispensable. And who doesn't get a smile on their face after seeing, and especially after feeling, this silky soft alpaca hug! This endearing animal loves to cuddle and is accessible to everyone with its hypoallergenic fur. Not only that, but this cuddly toy is also super durable! They consist of 100% real alpaca wool and are all designed in an environmentally conscious way in the mountains of Peru. Besides the fact that this alpaca lovingly drags you through your winter dip, you are also contributing to a better nature in the meantime!

Alpaca Soft Toy - Inkari

Tip 4: Bring happiness into your home

A cat that brings good luck? Say no more ! With this Lucky Cat (Japanese: 招き猫, Maneki Neko) you treat yourself to a positive start of the new year! While these colorful good luck charms originally come from Japan, they are now known as an important talisman in almost all countries in Asia. It is believed that the Lucky Cat brings good luck and prosperity to (the space of) its owner. It is therefore not surprising that we in the Netherlands also love these waving cat figurines! We sell the Maneki Neko in various sizes and colors, each with its own meaning. Choose one that suits you perfectly, shake off all your worries and let this lucky charm do its job!

Lucky Cats

Tip 5: Make a cheerful creation for the wall

Sometimes a pleasant distraction is all you need. And what could be more fun to entertain yourself with than a creative construction project with a beautiful work of art as a result? The paper DIY wall decorations from Assembli provide some distraction, color, a sense of pride and a happier atmosphere in the house even on the gloomiest days. With dozens of choices from shapes of your favorite animals, you always choose one that makes you happy. Brighten up yourself - and your interior - with an easy craft or opt for a serious challenge!

Assembli Wall Decoration

DIY Wall Decoration - Assembli