Our 15 Hotspot Tips in the Heart of Amsterdam

Written by: Suze Kalis


Choices and choices enough in the largest city in the Netherlands, but where should you really visit during your day in Amsterdam? On the route of our three IT'S A PRESENT! shops that can be found on the Haarlemmerstraat, Kloveniersburgwal and the 9 streets, are many nice places. That is why we have listed the nicest, tastiest and most colorful hotspots on this route for you!

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Goodies: from sandwiches to chocolate strawberries

The Cookie Man

As you walk around the corner you can already smell the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies. Follow your nose and end up at one of the tastiest pastry shops in Amsterdam: Het Koekenmannetje. Here you will find cookies in all kinds of different flavors, including white, milk and dark chocolate. There is also a new flavor every month, from Red Velvet to Caramel Sea Salt. The cookies are filled with chocolate filling and to make them taste even more heavenly you can ask to warm up your chosen cookies. Yummy!


Runstraat 3, 1016 GJ Amsterdam

Flower burger


Photo: Deliveroo.nl  

With a choice of all colors of the rainbow and dozens of different flavors, you will find the most photogenic vegetarian burgers ever at Flowerburger! From the Avo Truffle to the Spicy Chickpea burger, this colorful burger place is an indispensable hotspot for every vegan lover. In addition to the burgers, the restaurant is also a color paradise to enjoy inside and out. Always room for dessert, right? Because you don't want to miss a delicious Choco Love brownie or Flower Milkshake to round off this delicious, vegetarian meal.


Hartenstraat 29H, 1016 CA Amsterdam


When you see these strawberries, your mouth is already watering. At Polaberry you will find the most beautiful, cutest and tastiest strawberries covered with different flavors of chocolate. Here you can buy a box full of these beautiful snacks in all kinds of colors, in other words: heaven on earth! Not only do the strawberries look fantastically photogenic, but also when you see the location outside and inside you will spontaneously take pictures. Be sure to pop in here if you're looking for a sweet snack.


Prinsengracht 232 H, 1016 HE Amsterdam

Chun Cafe

Photo: Culy.nl

There have been huge queues in front of the Chun Café for a few months now. Here they sell coffee, bubble tea and matcha, among other things, but they are mainly known for their popular Korean sandwiches. People on TikTok are also putting the famous sandwiches to the test. Hundreds of videos show that not only the look, but also the taste of the sandwiches is really great! But is it worth waiting in line for hours? Try it out for yourself I say ;-).


Berenstraat 8, 1016 GH Amsterdam

From Miracles

Photo: Freebirdsmagazine.com

Stroopwafels should of course not be missing from this list and they say that you can find the world's best here! You can get these typical Dutch biscuits here with all kinds of delicious toppings. Do you opt for mini marshmallows, caramel, strawberries, white chocolate or something else? In addition to the great taste, they also look photogenic for the gram :-). Here you will undoubtedly find the most traditional stroopwafels that are made with love.


Kalverstraat 190, 1012 XH Amsterdam

Bread bar

One minute walk from IT'S A PRESENT! Kloveniersburgwal you will find the nice sandwich shop and café Broodbar. Get delicious fresh sandwiches and sandwiches, but also the best coffee and tea. It has a cozy, retro and cute atmosphere. There are also several vegetarian and vegan options available if that's what you're looking for. Are you looking for a cozy place to chat or a nice lunch to go? It's all possible here!


Kloveniersburgwal 18, 1012 CV Amsterdam

Ice cream parlor Tofani

For a wonderful cooling down during your day in Amsterdam, you should definitely visit Ice cream parlor Tofani. It has a cool retro vibe, friendly service and fantastic Italian ice cream. You can enjoy flavors like pistachio, cinnamon and lemon here. Prefer no ice cream? Don't worry, there is also more than enough choice from milkshakes, waffles, sandwiches or a nice cup of coffee. You can pick up here, enjoy the sun on the terrace, or sit down inside.


Kloveniersburgwal 16, 1012 CT Amsterdam

Time to shop

Zipper Vintage Clothing

In this shop you will find anything and everything. The nicest colorful clothes, funky accessories but also popular brands for a not too great price. Best of all, it's second-hand stuff, so you're shopping sustainably too! A nice fact is that this shop is the oldest vintage shop in Amsterdam, it has been located in the Haarlemmerstraat since 1979.


Haarlemmerstraat 8, 1013 ER Amsterdam

The American Book Center

This is one of the oldest comic shops in the world and as a bookworm you should definitely take a look here. There are several floors full of English-language books in all kinds of different genres. Are you looking for Young adult, philosophy, comics, fashion or culture. Here you will find it! There is plenty of choice for everyone thanks to the extensive range. There is also a small cafe to relax and dive into your purchased books.


Spui 12, 1012 XA Amsterdam

Must see!

Pathé Tuschinski

Is it a small castle? A museum? No, it's the Tuschinski cinema! Some call it the most beautiful cinema in the Netherlands, because when you step inside it doesn't feel like a visit to the cinema, but rather like a beautiful theater hall. There are six different rooms, each with a beautiful, atmospheric and magical decor. A visit to Tuschinski will undoubtedly be a unique experience, different from what you are used to from a normal cinema. Here you can feast your eyes before the movie starts!


Reguliersbreestraat 26-34, 1017 CN Amsterdam

The End Karaoke

Guaranteed a successful evening with friends? Then you should take a look here. Blast your favorite songs together at The End Karaoke and enjoy drinks, cocktails and all kinds of other snacks at the bar. You can also choose to reserve a private karaoke room for a private group, which is ideal for a team outing or together with your slightly too shy girlfriend. Even if you think you can't sing, this bar guarantees that everyone can experience a musical party!


Nieuwebrugsteeg 32, 1012 AH Amsterdam

The Poezenboot

Perhaps the cutest spot in all of Amsterdam: a cat boat on the canals! Here, cat lovers can immerse themselves in an oasis of cuteness, where they can cuddle and play with the kitties on this amazing boat. You can visit, keep company and even adopt the cats! Entrance is free, but we advise you to book a time slot via the website to be sure, as it can – very understandably – get quite busy. Animal lovers should definitely take a look here, and who knows, you might find your new buddy in this adorable location.


Singel 38 /G, 1015 AB Amsterdam

Prick Amsterdam

This pink cocktail bar fits perfectly with the IT'S A PRESENT! vibe . In this beautiful pink space you can let loose and be completely yourself, whether you are on the dance floor or not. They organize various parties and events, with dozens of themes that have something for everyone. Enjoy a colorful and festive night out while enjoying the tastiest snacks in all colors of the rainbow!


Spuistraat 109, 1012 SV Amsterdam

The Smallest House in Amsterdam

The smallest house in Amsterdam is worth a picture in itself, but inside is also the most adorable tea shop ever! With a width of 2.2 meters and a length of 5 meters, this cottage is an absolute must-see, whether you are a tea lover or not. And if you do like tea, you certainly have plenty of choice here! You can also join us for a delicious lunch or tasty high tea. We recommend booking in advance!


Oude Hoogstraat 22, 1012 CE Amsterdam

Blonde Amsterdam

You may have already come across it: the popular hand-painted crockery from Blond Amsterdam. In this shop you can admire and even buy this service with your own eyes. You will also find all kinds of delicacies that you can order in the Blond Amsterdam café, which is located in the same area as the store. So while shopping, you can enjoy a snack in this cheerful café, where you can choose from a variety of pastries, coffee, tea, sandwiches and more. Definitely a nice addition to your trip to Amsterdam.


Ferdinand Bolstraat 44, 1072 LL Amsterdam

I hope you now have some more fun ideas for a successful day in Amsterdam and are ready to explore this fantastic city, after or before your visit to one of our shops :-). Whether you are a cat lover, sweet tooth, shopaholic or party goer, there is a place for everyone in Amsterdam!