5 Things You Can Do for a Good Spring Start

The spring season officially starts on March 20, which means: new round, new opportunities! Because like all trees, plants and flowers, most of us also bloom again. We feel the warmth of the sun on our face again, our vitamin D deficiency is slowly decreasing and we pull the short-sleeved shirts back into our wardrobe (the unwritten rule in the Netherlands). But besides enjoying the first warm rays of the sun again, there are many more fun things you can do to welcome spring with open arms!

1. Start growing!

Growing your own plants, vegetables, fruits or herbs at home is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Logical too, when you discover how fun, easy and sustainable this activity is! In addition to the fact that home-grown vegetables, fruit and herbs are often even tastier, it is also a lot cheaper for your own wallet. No experience at all with self-cultivation and no idea where to start? Both online and in our physical stores you will find dozens of handy grow kits for beginners. Easily grow your own basil , mint , chamomile , arugula or edible flower bouquet with the bags from Bag To Nature, or choose a colorful growing tin from Gift Republic for growing spicy chili peppers , a cheerful bonsai tree , a spiky cactus or even a carnivorous plant ! We also sell ceramic Growing Planters in the shape of a sloth , llama or dinosaur , with which you immediately bring a nice eye-catcher into your home!

2. Help nature!

In addition to greening your kitchen, it is of course also a good idea to extend this to the garden or balcony! Help the important critters in nature by hanging an insect hotel and turn your outdoor area into a colorful flower paradise! Increasing the biodiversity in your garden is an easy way to contribute to the environment, and makes your garden or balcony a lot cozier! Shoot our cheerful growth confetti outside, or throw a colorful flower bomb on a vacant piece of land. All you have to do is wait for rain, or provide the earth with some water from time to time, and after a few weeks you and the insects can enjoy a beautiful flower feast.

3. Bring color to your interior!

With the arrival of the spring season, we must of course also bring spring into our homes! Plan a trip to the garden center, lose yourself in Pinterest or take a look at our latest home collection to get inspiration for a brand new interior. According to ELLE, ' a distinct style with bright colors ' will be the interior trend of 2023, for which we are fortunately well prepared with our latest collections. The home accessories of our latest brands Helio Ferretti and Qué Rico are the source of inspiration for every lover of a colorful interior. From eccentric shapes, bright, spring-like colors to bold patterns, these brands guarantee striking eye-catchers for a colorful interior!

4. Take care of and decorate your plants!

Another way to bring spring into your home is through the cozy presence of houseplants! We are also starting the season well by accompanying and greening the office. But because everyone sometimes struggles with the proper care of their plants, we have cheerful solutions for that! With our drip systems in different shapes and sizes, taking care of your greenery has never been so simple - and stylish! In addition to this functional plant decoration, we also have a number of decorative accessories for your plants that are guaranteed to make people laugh. From cats in yoga poses , naked walkers and statues of Greek gods , to normal and mischievous garden gnomes .

5. Start (finally) with your resolutions!

Don't worry, even our good intentions often fall before spring. But that's no excuse to leave them out all year! Do you have trouble sticking to your resolutions? Try one of our many inspirational and motivational card sets for that extra helping hand. Choose a card set with sporty exercises , yoga poses , happy activities and quotes , manifestations , meditations , enlivening challenges , soothing puzzles or brain teasers , and start achieving all your goals this week!

6. Shopping in our newest store :-)

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