Smile into Spring with Smiley®

It is 1971 when nineteen-year-old Franklin Loufrani works as a journalist for the Paris newspaper France-Soir. After weeks of being inundated with negative news, Franklin decided to create a sign of happiness to draw extra attention to the positive stories in the paper. He developed a simple design – a yellow circle with two black dots and a smile – which quickly became an iconic and universal symbol for spreading joy and positivity around the world.

The first appearance of Smiley in 1972 in the French newspaper France-Soir

After dozens of collaborations with international top brands, Smiley ® celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2022. The iconic symbol and well-known mantra: ' take the time to smile' can now be found everywhere and are always appreciated as a cheerful gift. And because we love nothing more than spreading positivity, Smiley ® should not be missed in our gift shops! Take a look at the unique collaborations within our range and let the cheerfulness of Smiley ® also put a smile on your face.

RICE x Smiley®

By combining their colorful homeware with the iconic Smiley® symbol and motto, the Danish brand RICE introduces a great collection full of color and positivity. The cheerful items from this melamine kitchen collection should of course not be missing in a colorful interior. Serve your food on the cheerfully striped smiley plate , drink your favorite drinks from one of the colorful mugs , spoon the foam off your coffee with a smile or go on an optimistic trip with the stainless thermos flask . Even cleaning becomes a party with the nicest smiley tea towels ! Take a quick look at the fantastic collection and delight yourself or someone else with a cheerful gift and a broad smile.

Donkey x Smiley®

With a similar mission to spread a worldwide smile through their gift items, a collaboration between the German brand Donkey Products and Smiley® is of course not to be missed. Especially the bright yellow shaker ball with glitter and smiling Lucky Cat are very popular items from the joyful Donkey x Smiley® collection. Both products bring extra positivity to every room and succeed in putting a smile on everyone's face. With the optimistic text on the snow globe and symbolic meaning of the Lucky Cat, these yellow eye-catchers are also ideal as a cheerful gift for yourself or someone else!

LOQI x Smiley®

LOQI, a brand that collaborates with artists from all over the world to design original, environmentally friendly bags, also shook hands with Smiley®. For example, the world-famous graffiti artist André Saraiva created a unique, recycled carrier bag for spreading Smiley's mission in view of their 50th anniversary in 2022. " With this collaboration, we want to encourage people to travel far with a smile on their face, and a durable bag on their shoulder ,” the brands explain. Combining a colourful, eco-friendly bag with the iconic Smiley® symbol and cheerful motto: 'Take the time to smile', this portable work of art is the happiest gift for anyone on the go!

mr. Maria x Smiley®

Just like Smiley®, the Dutch lamp brand Mr. Maria their designs on spreading a big smile. When the two brands started working together on the occasion of Smiley ® 's 50th anniversary, they undoubtedly designed the happiest light that has ever existed. Available in three sizes ( Mini , Large or XL ), this smiling yellow sphere never fails to brighten up spaces, people and the world! Get the floor lamp quickly for joyful days, or give as a cheerful and original gift to someone you wish extra positivity!

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Take the time to smile.