Unwind with these 5 Relaxing Gifts

Everyone needs an extra bit of relaxation every now and then. Especially after all the hustle and bustle during the holidays! Maybe you've spent days in the kitchen, you've spent hours decorating the house, the chaos and busyness at work has almost become too much for you or you're just really ready for a carefree moment for yourself. Fortunately, we have listed five essential products especially for you with which you can relax again later. Prepare your favorite tea, put those shoulders down and thank us later for these five soothing gift ideas that will make you completely zen!

1. Mindfulness Brain Training Puzzles Cards - Gift Republic

For anyone who wants to relax but can use some distraction in the meantime, these relaxing Mindfulness Puzzles from Gift Republic are a perfect choice! You don't have to crack your brain about these 100 soothing riddles, but they still provide a distracting challenge. Grab the cards at a restless moment and throw all your worries and frustrations aside for a while. These calming quizzes are perfect to keep your brain moving while you stretch out on the couch with a nice cup of tea.

2. Zwitscherbox Birdhouse

Imagine yourself in a world without worries with the soothing birdhouses of the Zwitscherbox brand. These stylish houses bring nature into your home so that you can always enjoy the soothing chirping of the birds. The Zwitscherbox is activated by a motion sensor and stops without further impulse after two minutes with its soothing chirp. Give this pretty oak-fronted cottage a suitable spot in your home and be surprised every now and then by its relaxing whistles and stress-free moments.

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3. DIY Miniature House Emily's Flower Shop - Robotime

Robotime's detailed miniature houses guarantee a relaxing yet challenging building process for everyone, including Emily's unique flower shop! During this fun construction project you focus on the smallest details and you are not busy with anything else. Building this beautiful house takes about 20 hours, but it is so addictive that chances are that you won't be able to put it down before then! After your homemade artwork is finished, you can proudly give it a nice visible spot and light it with batteries for an extra cozy look.

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4. Get Fit Cards - Gift Republic

Exercising a lot helps against unrest and stress, that is nothing new.

But who wants to be in the gym when you just want to relax? Don't worry, with this motivational Get Fit card set from Gift Republic we offer a much more relaxing alternative that you can use anywhere! With these 100 cards with easy instructions you can get started sporty from home. You will soon notice that during and after the exercises, your head is a lot emptier and there is more room for relaxation and rest. Good luck and thank us later! :-)

5. Bean Bag Cat - Bitten

Want to really do nothing? You're right.

Curl up next to this cute kitty and let the adorable beanbag make doing nothing even better! Put the soft cuddly toy in the microwave for 1.5 minutes and it is ready to cuddle. With this wonderful heat source in your arms, you will fall into a wonderful, deep sleep in no time and enjoy the pleasant scent of lavender when you wake up. In addition to this sweet four - legged friend , you can also opt for a beanbag in the shape of a sloth , llama , hedgehog , ring - tailed lemur , lucky cat , avocado , breast or rainbow smiley . Whichever you choose, these (heart)warming jugs are guaranteed to help you relax during the cold winter months!