5 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Already Has Everything

Sometimes it seems impossible... Looking for an original gift for someone who already has everything. It is a difficult task, but certainly not an impossible one! Especially for moments like this we have listed a number of unique gifts. This way you surprise everyone - even someone who already seems to have everything - with a super original gift.

1. Assembli Paper Honeybee XL

paper honeybee from assembli extra large

This fun DIY honey bee from the Assembli brand is a perfect gift for all busy bees! Age doesn't matter with these paper projects and promise a relaxing but slightly challenging process. After completing this creative DIY work of art, the honey bee also serves as a nice addition to the interior! Give it a nice spot in the cupboard or hang it on the wall, you decide. In addition to this bee, the brand has a wide range of other insects and animals. This way you will find a suitable and original DIY gift for everyone among the creative projects of Assembli.

2. Zwitscherbox bird house

atmospheric photo of switzerbox

Would you actually just like to give someone some extra relaxation as a gift? With the birdhouses from Zwitscherbox it is possible! With the soothing chirping of the birds from this stylish house, everyone suddenly finds themselves in a world without stress. The Zwitscherbox is activated by a motion sensor and stops without further impulse after two minutes with its soothing chirp. The bird house is available in three different colors and is the perfect anti-stress gift for anyone who needs some extra relaxation.

3. Robotime DIY House: Cathy's flower house

Looking for an original gift for a craft enthusiast? With this imaginative construction project from Robotime you will surprise every creative person with hours of crafting fun! Cathy's flower house is a fun DIY miniature house for anyone who loves plants. With no fewer than 231 parts, this greenhouse promises to be a unique and highly detailed building experience. In addition to the special building experience, this cute house is also a real eye-catcher in everyone's interior! Click here for more Robotime creative projects.

4. Bag to nature: Verrukkulluk field bouquet

The Verukkulluk field bouquet from Bag to nature is a fun and sustainable replacement for sending a bunch of flowers! All the recipient has to do is regularly add water - and a little love - to the bag, after which it will be full of home-grown and edible flowers in no time! How nice and simple can it be? Bag to nature is an original and sustainable gift for all lovers of flowers, herbs and vegetables!

5. Smiley lamp

Despite the fact that someone already seems to have everything, everyone can always use a cheer up. This smiling lamp is perfect as a gift and does nothing but brighten up spaces, people and everyday life! This iconic yellow dot with a big smile makes everyone's morning mood disappear and you too can start the day with a smile on your face! The floor lamp is available in three different sizes and comes with six dimming positions including night mode. An original and brightening gift for young and old.