Surprise everyone during the holidays with these unique gifts!

It's almost December already. The wintry month full of dark days, thick sweaters, hot chocolate, lit streets and the best of all; presents of course! With this festive month – our personal favorite :-) – coming up, we have an extensive collection of lots of gift inspiration especially for you! With these indispensable gift tips you will undoubtedly put a smile on the face of your (self-chosen) family. Whether during Sinterklaas, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or New Year's Eve, you will surprise everyone during the holidays with these unique gifts!

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Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa

Tea light holder canal house

They are wildly popular
our shops: the porcelain
canal houses from &Klevering ! With the atmospheric effect of the flickering light through the windows, these nice tea light holders make every cold evening feel just a bit warmer. Grandmas and grandpas in particular can't seem to get enough of this unique accessory! And we can't blame them, because with this cozy tea light holder you not only add an extra cozy atmosphere to your space, but you also get a very nice eye-catcher at home! The white houses look fantastic with any interior and are guaranteed to put a big smile on your grandparents' face!

Rotating tea light holder

Another heart-warming gift is a revolving tea light holder from Pluto ! With dozens of unique carousels to choose from, you're sure to find one that will melt your grandparents' heart and accompany their home. The stylish holders start to rotate when the tea light is lit, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in any room. Make grandma and grandpa happy with this original accessory during the holidays and turn the dark winter months into a cozy period!

Bird feeder house

Are your grandparents also fond of birds in the garden? Surprise them now with this nice bird feeder from Born in Sweden! With the handy suction cup, this bird feeder can be attached to any window without any effort, and you can enjoy the nice sight of eating birds from home. This beautiful birdhouse is perfect for grandpa and grandma! They enjoy hours of viewing pleasure, and the birds enjoy their delicious and satisfying meal!

Desserts for Birds

You guessed it, grandma and grandpa can't get enough of birds in the garden! With this nice set of two ice creams you can turn your grandparents' garden into a true bird paradise! A gift that will not only make grandpa and grandma happy, but also the birds will thank you for it! Just add that they are really only meant for birds, because these ice creams look a bit too good not to consider taking a bite yourself.

Gifts for Mom & Dad

Chips Whiskey

For all dads and moms who are not averse to an alcoholic snack, and who have a little patience (have to learn), this DIY whiskey from Snippers is the perfect gift during the holidays! The small wood chips in this glass bottle come from old Scotch whiskey barrels and have a strong, smoky flavour. After adding a clear drink such as vodka, and a maturing process of about 8 weeks, your parents will fully enjoy their homemade whiskey!

Storm glass

Weather or no weather, with this special storm glass from Bitten you are always prepared! Do your parents like to travel? Or do they just like cool and functional gadgets? Then this cloud is the gift for them! Whether it's sunny or cloudy, raining or snowing, with one look at this very handy storm glass, you know exactly what the weather has in store for that day. In addition, this stylish cloud is also a super fun accessory for the home! Put aside that ever-changing weather forecast and surprise your parents with this luxurious gift!

Peeing garden gnome

Make all plant parents laugh with this peeing garden gnome from Gift Republic ! This naughty garden gnome will, in his own way, ensure that your plants never run dry again. All you have to do is give him enough water, after which he can do his thing. A hilarious and functional gift for all plant-loving parents!

Beard Care Kit

Men also find grooming important. Perhaps more important than they dare to admit ;-). Especially for these men, and children who don't know what to give their father as a gift, we sell this beard care set from Gift Republic! This super handy kit is designed to help anyone grow, style and maintain a healthy beard, all in one practical set! The box contains scissors, comb, beard oil and beard shampoo and makes every beard look (again) healthy and feel soft!

DIY Hummingbird

A creative mother or father who also loves animals? Then you have your perfect gift here! This colorful hummingbird from Assembli has to be put together yourself and deserves a nice spot on the table, in a plant or on the wall afterwards. Guests will undoubtedly notice and compliment this beautiful decoration, which in turn serves as an extra gift for mom! In addition to a beautiful eye-catcher, you also delight your parents with a wonderful moment of rest of about 15 to 30 minutes.

Is one of your parents a real fanatic and would they rather take on a challenge for hours? Then be sure to take a look at Assembli 's larger construction projects.

Cathy's Flower House

Is your mother or father a stickler with an (undiscovered) love for 3D puzzles and plants? With this fantastic miniature house from Rolife, you can surprise all creative mums or dads with a very challenging and detailed do-it-yourself work of art. The extensive kit consists of no less than 231 parts and is full of unprecedented details! With the combination of various materials and your own creativity, you can bring this charming garden house to life within 4 to 6 hours. As soon as the house is completely ready, add the atmospheric LED lighting for an even cozier and romantic look! This extensive miniature house is a super fun, original and challenging gift for the creative parent!

Scratch Cards Family

Nothing makes mom and dad happier than spending time with the family. With these original scratch cards from Gift Republic you are therefore guaranteed to put a smile on the face of both parents! Packed with great ideas and activities for all the family, the scratch card pack will ensure there's always something fun planned! Draw 1 of the 52 cards, scratch and discover an original activity to keep you busy that day. Write a piece about the successful family outing on the back of the card and make it a memory you will never forget! A loving gift that will make your father and mother really happy.

Swiss box

Bring nature to your parental home with the unique birdhouses from Zwitscherbox ! This stylish house is activated by a motion sensor, after which you are accompanied by the cheerful sound of birdsong for two minutes. Because of the soothing chirping, everyone suddenly finds themselves in a world without stress. Give the Zwitscherbox a nice place and surprise all guests with the pleasant and relaxing whistle on, for example, the toilet. The birdhouses come in different colors so that one always fits perfectly with your parents' interior! Surprise your parents this holiday season with this soothing and stylish gift!

Gifts for your brother(s) & sister(s)

Alpaca hug

Sister or brother, young or old, everyone gets a smile on their face after seeing, and especially after feeling these fantastic alpaca cuddly toys from Inkari ! The huggable alpacas are sustainably designed in the mountains of Peru and are made of 100% real alpaca wool. These endearing cuddly toys are therefore extremely soft and also hypoallergenic! Because the company is committed to people, animals and nature, you not only make your brother or sister happy, but you also contribute to a better environment. Win win!


The smallest building blocks, but the biggest challenge. This nice building from Nanoblock in the shape of Pikachu is perfect as a DIY gift for a real Pokémon fan! With about 130 mini building blocks you put this cute creature together and then serve as a nice eye-catcher in the bedroom of your sister or brother! Did you already know what Pikachu owes its name to? The name of this yellow pokémon comes from the Japanese words 'pika' (meaning 'shock') and 'chu' (meaning 'beep', the sound of a mouse). Now you have a fun fact to tell while giving this original gift!

Batman mug

Make your brother or sister happy with this remarkable collection item from Half Moon Bay ! This cool mug in the shape of the popular superhero Batman is officially licensed by DC Comics and is therefore a must-have merchandise item for all fans of cartoon characters and superheroes! The happy recipient of this gift can always enjoy their favorite (hot) drinks from the head of their favorite bat-like superhero!

Baby Yoda wall vase

Baby Yoda, The Child, Grogu, whatever you want to call him, one thing is certain: with this fantastic wall vase from Half Moon Bay you will make all Star Wars fans very enthusiastic! This cute, green merchandise item from the movie The Mandalorian has an official Star Wars license and is therefore an indispensable collector's item for all fans of these science fiction movies! This unique wall vase - from a galaxy far, far away - will catch everyone's eye with its striking design. Fill Grogu with plants, flowers, brushes, markers or other accessories and surprise someone with this original vase during the holidays!


Kazoo That Tune music game

For the siblings with a love for music, this hilarious game from Ridleys is a fun and original gift. With about 200 songs to play and guess, Kazoo That Tune is the musical party game for endless fun! Hum your way to victory with the colorful kazoos and compete for the title of best music connoisseur. Thanks to the funny sound of these cheerful instruments, this original music game guarantees unforgettable evenings with friends or family during the holidays!

Gin & tonic bath bombs

Let your booze-loving brother or sister immerse themselves in a strong but soothing bath with these Gin & Tonic bath bombs from Gift Republic ! These delicious bath bombs (unfortunately) do not consist of alcohol, but they do smell like this delicious cocktail! Combine a wonderful bath, scented with Gin & Tonic, with a real Gin & Tonic and your evening can't go wrong. A funny gift for your brother or sister who could use some rest - and a drink!

Gifts for your friends  

Wall vases Yvi

Is your friend also fond of styling their interior? Then these glass wall vases from Winkee are the perfect gift to surprise them during the holidays! You can easily give the vases a beautiful spot on the wall, and are therefore ideal for your friends with little space! Fill them with water and the most beautiful flowers or plants and every interior will immediately look a lot brighter! It is also a great idea for that one lazy friend to fill the vases with beautiful dried flowers. Has your friend just moved and are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift? Stop looking! These wall vases will definitely be appreciated.


Drunk, Stoned or Stupid game

A laughable party game should of course not be missed during the holidays. And what game is better suited than Drunk, Stoned or Stupid? You've been warned, this hilarious card game has no winners, only losers. This is how you accuse each other of the funniest flaws based on personality or unforgettable stories from the past. The first player to get 7 cards is the big loser of the game (for which, of course, you have come up with a funny assignment beforehand). This fantastic party game makes every party complete and will undoubtedly provide a hilarious evening. Be kind to each other, eh! After all, they are your friends.


Funny Christmas mug

Come on, we're old enough now to just take this seriously, right? It's just tits and dicks with Santa hats on… Yes, really, with their hilarious illustrations in all shapes, sizes and colors, Eat Mielies celebrates the diversity of the human body! This is obviously the perfect gift for that one friend who is addicted to… Exactly! Tea or coffee :-). Also nice for that one single friend to help you remember what it all looks like again. With these very unique mugs you never miss the mark and make all your friends laugh!

Mood Plant Pot

Do you happen to have a friend who loves plants, but who also suffers from mood swings? Then this nice jar from Bitten is without a doubt an original and perfect gift! This unique plant pot has two moods: a happy face on one side, and a very sad face on the other. Let your friend determine the mood yourself, and you immediately know what time it is... Also handy for yourself! ;-).

Happy Holidays!