The 10 Most Original Christmas Baubles for your Christmas Tree!

It's almost time... Christmas is just around the corner and that means we have to prepare well for decorating our Christmas trees! And believe us, that can be much more fun than the same round balls over and over again. Turn your Christmas tree into a real eye-catcher this year with these ten eccentric, colourful, hilarious and above all very original Christmas ornaments from our stores!

1. Sattie in the tree

The Christmas hit of 2022: a vibrator in your Christmas tree. Sattie in the tree gives your Christmas tree an extra bit of femininity and will undoubtedly serve as a hilarious - and sometimes a bit awkward - conversation starter. This radiant Christmas pendant deserves a place in every woman's tree, and only serves as an ornament ;-) (No really, it's made of glass). Get the Satisfyer Pro now (for a second time?) and make this Christmas an unforgettable holiday!

2. Prince

Cody Foster Prince For music lovers, this Prince Christmas bauble is an indispensable addition to the Christmas tree! When the artist was 10 years old, he danced on stage during a concert by 'Godfather of Soul' James Brown! Not quite the intention, but it's still a fantastic story. With its eccentric appearance and hand-painted finishes, this Christmas bauble is an indispensable eye-catcher! Put his album Purple Rain over the speakers while Prince enjoys it from his beautiful spot in your tree.
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3. Frikandel special

Although this highly detailed ornament will make you spontaneously hungry, it is unfortunately not edible. The hilarious Christmas pendant is a must-have for all lovers of a greasy bite! With this hand-painted frikandel special you are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your visitors and you turn your Christmas tree into a big fat eye-catcher. With the prevailing frikandellen shortage in the Netherlands, I would quickly get this buddy, because before you know it it will be sold out!

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4. Botox syringe

For everyone who doesn't mind a shot of botox here and there, there is now also one for your Christmas tree! This gold-colored botox syringe gives even the ugliest Christmas trees a makeover, and transforms them into a real eye- catcher! This original ornament with glitter and the text 'thanks science' will catch everyone's eye and ensure some funny or maybe even controversial conversations at Christmas dinner…

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5. Miffy

In addition to all those crazy ornaments, Miffy is there for everyone who still wants to keep their Christmas tree a little innocent. Not only children, but also adults will become jealous after seeing this adorable Christmas pendant on your tree. One look at that sweet face, and you can't help but melt away! With her red Christmas suit with fluffy details, Miffy is ready for the holidays. And as soon as you bring this glass bunny into your home, so are you!

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6. Tea Rex

For all tea lovers, this Tea-Rex ornament is undoubtedly love at first sight. With a nice Christmas outfit and matching tableware in its paws, this cu-tea is ready for a warm and cozy Christmas party! The fantastic ornament will attract the attention of all your guests and make your Christmas tree a tea-n! Bring this happy dino me-tea-n into your home and delight him with a nice spot in the tree, from where he will s-tea everyone's heart ;-).

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7. Broccoli

Broccoli is probably not the first food you think of during the holiday season. But doesn't that make this Christmas bauble extra original? Because who has a broccoli hanging in the Christmas tree? This highly detailed, glittery ornament is a great pendant for all vegetable lovers, or those who just prefer not to be tempted! This funny Christmas bauble will be a real eye-catcher in your Christmas tree and will certainly put a smile on the face of your guests!

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8. Sushi Shrimp

Can't get enough of sushi? With this detailed - and very tempting - ornament in your Christmas tree you always have a piece to fish from the tree! (pun intended). Although this Christmas pendant is unfortunately not edible, this Sushi Shrimp will lead to many glances at your decorated tree and maybe even to the wise words: “We can also order sushi…” Does this sound like music to your ears? Then this shiny Christmas bauble should not be missing during your Christmas party!

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9. Corn

For the corn fanatics, or people who spend enough time on TikTok (It's corn!), this Christmas pendant is of course an essential addition to the Christmas tree this year! Put this curious bauble in a visible place and prepare for a lot of corny puns as soon as your guests come over. Your Christmas tree is really finished with this radiant corn cob ornament full of glitter! (I mean look at this thing, I can't imagine a more beautiful thing!)

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10. Canal house

With our shops in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, this characterful canal house should not be missing from this list! Maybe you live or dream of living in a beautiful canal house, or you take this unique ornament home as a souvenir after a visit to one of these beautiful cities! This fun Christmas pendant is mouth-blown, hand-painted, finished with golden glitter and in any case a timeless eye-catcher for your Christmas tree!

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