50x Gift Inspiration for Mother's Day

May 14 is Mother's Day again, the day where mom is in the spotlight and you can surprise her again with a sweet, funny or special gesture. But what should you give this year? In this mega-big Mother's Day blog with 50 original gift ideas you will discover the nicest gifts that you can delight your mother with on her special day this year!


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For the sweetest mom

5 sweet gifts that every mother will appreciate.

A loving Mother's Day card

Mother's Day cards

Choose a cheerful card and write a sweet story, special thank you or unforgettable memory that will give mom a big smile. A personal message is always appreciated.

Fill-in book why I love you mom

Do you want to surprise your mother with a special gift that is guaranteed to thrill her? This personal fill-in book is full of cheerful, funny, sentimental and above all loving questions about the bond between you and your mother .

Bag of compliments

How often do you compliment your mother? This bag contains 31 sweet compliments that will undoubtedly put a smile on every mom's face. Of course it is also a nice idea to put together your own bag of compliments!

Scratch Cards Things To Do With Family

Nothing makes mom happier than spending time with the family. With these surprising scratch cards you have 52 original outings to undertake together!

A voucher for something she likes

This colorful booklet with vouchers makes giving a gift or outing even more fun! By writing the surprise on one of the cheerful tickets, you put just a little more effort into giving a present on Mother's Day.


For the mom who needs relaxation

5 gifts that will make every mother completely zen again.

Weekly Mindfulness Challenge

Weekly Wellness Mindfulness

With 52 inspiring assignments and useful tips, this cheerful card package offers everything your mother needs to find more peace, relaxation and balance. An ideal and helpful gift for the mom who is always busy.

Nice mug & Namas tea

Mugs Que RicoNamas Tea Tea Shop

Does your mother prefer to relax on the couch with a nice cup of tea? Then the combination of a colorful mug and a cheerful bag of namas tea is a perfect and soothing gift for Mother's Day!

Swiss box

Swiss box

With the soothing sounds of nature from the houses of Zwitscherbox, every mother can relax completely. With a choice of the original Zwitscherbox (right), more sustainable Birdybox (left), triangular Lakeside box (middle) and the latest Oceanbox , there is always one that fits perfectly with your mother's idyllic dream environment.

Head massage spider

Head Massager - Kikkerland

The definition of a small, but nice gift. This head massager stimulates blood circulation, helps against headaches and has a calming effect. Didn't your mother already have this indispensable accessory on her bedside table? Then definitely change that!

Incense sticks

Incense Sticks Fresh Air

With the fresh scents and the calming effect of these pleasant incense sticks, you can spoil your mother with no less than 100 soothing moments of relaxation!

For the creative mom

5 presents that will keep every mother busy for an afternoon (or more).

DIY Miniature House

Emily's Flower House - Robotime

Is your mother a creative pietje-precise who likes a challenge? This detailed flower shop takes about 20 hours to assemble and takes crafting to a whole new level!

DIY Paper wall decoration

Paper Flamingo - Assembli

The do-it-yourself wall decoration from Assembli is always a good choice for those looking for a creative gift. These paper flamingos come in pairs and are therefore perfect for a creative afternoon with your mother. Twice the fun for mom!

Embroidery kit

embroidery kit
With one of our cheerful embroidery sets, your mother can easily learn a new creative hobby!

Make your own tea

Make Your Own Tea - Kikkerland

For all creative mothers who love tea and don't feel like tinkering for hours, this colorful tin with loose herbs is a perfect little gift.

Hook sloth

DIY crochet sloth - Gift Republic

Crocheting is an entertaining pastime that is not too difficult to master. Give your creative mom this crochet kit as a gift and maybe that cute sloth cuddly toy will end up on your bed! ;-)

For the mom with humor

5 hilarious gifts that will make mom smile.

Beer yoga

Bear Yoga - Kikkerland This funny beer & yoga drinking game combines two beloved activities (yoga and beer drinking) so that your mom can get fit in the most hilarious way.

Funny name tag for the office

Nameplate Sarcasm expertNameplate Productive as fuck
Does your humorous mother spend a lot of time at the office? Then she undoubtedly deserves a laughable name tag that makes her workspace a bit more personal and cheerful.

Monster duster

Monster Duster - Kikkerland

This fun feather brush turns daily cleaning into a cheerful activity and is a funny wink for every mother.

Card game How to Swear Around the World

How to swear around the world - Gift Republic

Do you have a foul-mouthed mom who loves to travel? With this hilarious card package, your mother can express her heart in every language!

Game First World Problems

First World Problems - Gift Republic

This hilarious game is full of 'terrifying' but hilarious situations from our luxurious lives. Give your (picky) mother this card game as a funny wink, and delight her immediately with a fun game night with the family.


For the sporty mom

5 gifts for the mom who is always on the move.

Get Fit cards

Get Fit Cards - Gift Republic

The hustle and bustle of motherhood sometimes leaves little room for frequent visits to the gym. With these 100 motivational Get Fit cards you make it easy for your mother to get sporty from home!

Yoga Poses Cards

Yoga Poses - Gift Republic

Looking for a more accessible variant of the sporty card sets? In that case, you can surprise your mother with 100 motivational cards with soothing yoga poses for anytime.

Weekly Yoga Challenge

Weekly Yoga Challenge - Gift Republic

With 26 instruction cards with yoga poses and 52 yoga routines, this cheerful card pack offers everything your mother needs for extra relaxation and stability. An original and helpful gift that strengthens both body and mind!

Heat pad

Beanbag Avocado - Bitten

After all that moving, this touching bean bag will gladly help your mother get rid of her muscle pain. This (heart)warming gift will certainly be appreciated by every (sporty) mother with ailments!

Gym socks

Socks - Helen B

With a choice of dozens of gym socks with funny illustrations and texts, you ensure that your mother sports in style from now on!


For the mom with good style

5 Mother's Day gifts for a stylish interior.

Candelabra with candle

Candlesticks - Que Rico Twist Candles Yellow - Kersten
Combine a unique candle holder with a cheerful twist candle as a beautiful addition to your mom's interior!

Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui Your Home Cards - Gift Republic

With these 100 colorful cards, your mother will learn to apply Feng Shui (a philosophy from China about how your well-being is influenced by your environment) in the interior. Feng Shui brings good energy to the home and aims to positively influence all important aspects of life.

A beautiful (wall) vase

Wall Vases Dahlia Glass - Winkee

A beautiful vase is of course a great Mother's Day gift, but it is always an exciting choice. To ensure that the accessories are a good match with the interior, you can always opt for these stylish glass wall vases!

Stylish pillow

Cushion Green Pink - Helio Ferretti

You can never have enough colorful and comfortable cushions! With this stylish accessory you can give your mother's sofa a fashionable makeover.

Decorative poster

Vintage Living Room - All The Ways To Say

Could the walls of your parental home use a little cheer? Then surprise your mother on her special day with a colorful poster!


For the kitchen queen

5 functional eye-catchers for the kitchen.

HKliving ceramic set

HK living

With the stylish 70s Ceramics Collection from HKliving you bring the good vibes from the 1970s to your mother's kitchen. All products from this collection are handmade from ceramics, so you can surprise your mom with a unique gift no matter what!

Cheerful kitchen accessories

Smiley x Rice

Does your mother prefer something colorful? Then take a look at the cheerful accessories from our most positive kitchen collection ever!

Colorful water jug

In addition to a beautiful vase, you can of course also use these special home accessories as a carafe. These colorful eye-catchers will receive rave reviews, sure to make any mother happy.

Hand painted egg cup


These hand-painted egg cups look beautiful on the breakfast table, have stunning details and above all are fantastic as a special gift for a mother who loves animals!

Terracotta germination dishes

Terracotta Germination Dishes - Kikkerland

This set of three terracotta sprouting dishes look great on the windowsill and are also very handy. This way your mom can easily grow her own fruit, vegetables or herbs from now on! What mother wouldn't want that?


For the single mom

5 must-have gifts for single moms.

Self Love cards

Self Love Cards - Gift Republic

For all moms with a lack of self-love, this dreamy card pack with 100 inspiring assignments and affirmations is a loving helping hand.

Smiley bulb

Smiley Lamp Large - Mr. Mary

With this smiling light in the living room or bedroom, no mother will feel alone anymore. In addition to a positive reminder to always keep smiling, this cheerful lamp is also a great eye-catcher in the interior!

Card Game Candid Dating

Game Candid Dating - OpenUp

Dating as a single parent can be tricky. With 100 surprising questions in this cheerful card pack you help your mother on her way with a lot of conversation material for her future dates.

Bottle opener gigolo

Bottle opener Gigolo

This hilarious - and slightly wrong - bottle opener will undoubtedly put a smile on the face of all (single) mothers who like a glass of wine.

A soft hug

Ricky the Rain Frog - Jellycat

Having the bed to yourself comes with its benefits, but can feel lonely at the same time. It can even cause a shortage of oxytocin, also known as the 'cuddle hormone'. A soft cuddly toy (such as this gruff but endearing frog) is therefore not only a cute, but also a healthy Mother's Day gift!


    For the spiritual mama

    5 meaningful gifts for the conscious mother.

    Palm reading cards

    Palm Reading Cards - Gift Republic

    Palmistry is a form of fortune telling based on the lines and features of your hands. With this beautiful card set, your mom will learn about her character traits and future in a special way!

    Astrology cards

    Astrology Cards - Gift Republic

    With this beautiful card set, your mother will learn more about constellations, reading astrological charts and understanding hidden meanings in the stars.

    aura cards

    Aura Cards - Gift Republic

    These colorful cards teach your mother all about auras and how she can use them to improve her physical, mental and spiritual health.

    Everyday spell

    Everyday Spells Cards - Gift Republic

    With this special card pack, your mother will learn everything about the world of spells and rituals. From a rain spell to a love spell, with these cards your mother will enchant her life in a positive way.

    Manifesto cards

    Manifesto Cards - Gift Republic

    It's never too late to start manifesting your dream life! With this positive gift you help your mother to practice gratitude and realize a healthy and happy life.

    For mother nature

    5 gifts for the eco-friendly moms.

    Insect hotel

    An insect house is one of the nicest sustainable gifts you can give your mom. It helps nature and in the meantime accompanies your mother's garden with cheerful insects!

    The Wonderful World of Mushrooms

    Does your mother love walks in the woods and does she get a spontaneous smile when she sees a mushroom? Then this colorful card set full of special facts about fungi is a nice little gift that she will certainly appreciate!

    Flower bombs

    Flower bombs - Blossombs

    With these cheerful seed bombs you give your mother a garden or balcony full of colorful flowers! After scattering the bombs, they and the insects can enjoy a colorful and lively flower paradise after a few weeks.

    100 Reasons To Love The World We Live In

    These 100 cards teach your mother about the wonderful things the planet has to offer us. From facts about nature to cute animal habits. This optimistic card set is a cheerful gesture for the nature-loving mother!

    Card game Gardening Trivia

    Gardening Trivia - Gift Republic

    This green card game consists of 100 questions that will make your mother's garden knowledge grow and flourish! This way you can immediately make mom happy with a fun game night with the family. Then let her win, eh ;-).

    We wish everyone (but especially the moms) a happy Mother's Day!