7 Original Gift Ideas for Creative People

April 21 has been declared International Day of Creativity and Innovation by the United Nations. And because our store is overflowing with creative products, we are happy to join in on this special world day! A typical misconception that we want to debunk right away is that you need to have talent to be creative. Everyone can get creative, and should definitely consider this given the many benefits! Various studies show that creativity teaches you to think in terms of solutions, boosts your self-confidence, significantly reduces stress and anxiety, increases your ability to concentrate, brings people closer together and even improves brain functionality! Are you or do you know a creative person and are you looking for an original and creative (and healthy!) gift? Then this blog is the right place for you.

1. DIY Wall Decor from Assembli


The colorful do-it-yourself wall decoration from Assembli has something for every creative animal lover! With a choice of various sizes, animals and colors, this Dutch brand invites everyone to transform bare walls into a lively work of art. This way you not only enjoy a relaxing cut and paste job, but also a stylish interior with a wall full of homemade creations! Choose a small insect for an afternoon of relaxation or go for a large animal head for some challenging hours. Either way, Assembli is always a great choice for those looking for a creative gift.

2. Embroidery set from Kikkerland

Embroidery Kikkerland

Embroidery is an easy, relaxing and entertaining hobby. It is therefore not surprising that this ancient art has now been completely rediscovered. In our range you will find three different embroidery sets including a colorful rose, adorable cat and cheerful bird. These beginner-friendly packages are ideal for mastering this relaxing activity at your own pace. The best thing about this is that you can then get started with transforming all your boring textiles!

3. Nanoblock construction


Looking for an alternative gift for a LEGO enthusiast? Then the creative constructions of Nanoblock are undoubtedly the perfect choice! The miniscule building blocks of this Japanese brand provide a fun challenge for creatives of all ages. Choose from dozens of animals and pokémons and determine which level of difficulty you (or the lucky recipient) dare to tackle.

4. Sloth crochet set from Gift Republic

Crochet set Sloth Gift Republic

Like embroidery, crochet has made a powerful resurgence in recent years. The creative technique is about 20,000 years old, but flourished again during the corona period into a popular and entertaining pastime. Logical too, when you consider that you can make your own clothes, bags, hats, scarves, cuddly toys and other decorations with this creative hobby! Mastering all the techniques of crochet can take a while, but if you start with this beginner-friendly sloth crochet set, you'll master it before you know it! This cheerful do-it-yourself cuddly toy is a great gift for any creative animal lover with an (undiscovered) passion for crochet.

5. Robotime DIY Miniature House

Cathy's Flower House Robotime

Robotime's imaginative miniature houses are the ideal gift for all creatives with an eye for detail. These stylish building projects take creativity to a completely different level and guarantee hours of fun (and fiddling). With a choice of colorful houses, gardens, and book corners, there is always one that fits you and your interior perfectly. Because in addition to a soothing but challenging building process, you also have a fantastic eye-catcher for your home afterwards!

6. DIY Music Box from Kikkerland

DIY Music Box Kikkerland

This cheerful DIY music box is a perfect gift for all musical creatives. Punch holes in the music paper, pull the strip through the mechanism and turn the handle to enjoy your unique, homemade melody. The music kit comes with three blank wrappers and one with the birthday song Happy Birthday . This musical box is an original and small but nice birthday present for every creative music lover!

7. DIY Bath Bomb from Gift Republic

DIY Bath Bomb Gift Republic

Although a relaxing pampering package for the bath is always appreciated, it is not a super original gift. With this colorful do-it-yourself bath bomb set you can give an original and creative twist to this well-intentioned and soothing gift. With this delicious package you treat yourself or someone else with a creative gift that guarantees ultimate relaxation!